Thursday, February 2, 2012

It's The Truth

Our apartment is finally starting to look uncluttered. Thank goodness! Yesterday we finally hauled our Christmas tree to the garbage and I cleaned up and packed up the rest of our Christmas decorations. I know right!!'s a secret. Puh-leese....get yourself in gear ya' think! Well, anyhoo it's the truth so there. The most fun part was throwing our Christmas tree out the window down to the sidewalk. Bahaha! It was grand and I may or may not have screamed a little as it fell. Husband snatched it up and put it in the truck and we hauled it away. 

 Husband bought me these beautiful roses because he's sweet like that. I asked why he always buys me flowers and he says "because you're the best!". Well, thanks! I'll take that. :P 

Have you guys noticed how I'm addicted to taking photos on my retro camera app? Just wondered. :P 

Last night, being the handy wife that I am (or try to be) I hemmed some of husbands pants and altered a skirt. I think this is the second time I hemed these pants. We bought them and they were just a tad too long for husbands taste so I hemmed them a little. After we washed them they apparently shrunk because then they became too short. Humph! So, now I ripped it out and hemmed them again. 

My lovely little sewing nook. :) On the floor. lol! Oh and my "vintage" sewing machine. (I'll say vintage because it sounds better than old) Don't laugh. An old friend gave it to me for free and it totally works for my skill level. Who knows, maybe someday I'll have one of those fancy schmancy sewing machines husband and I lust over and I'll have to take classes to learn how to operate it. 
Husband got a new game "Drivers San Francisco" and a new laptop so he can play it. I have a feeling I'll bee seeing a lot of this. 

And, that's ok. I'm happy to see him enjoy something so much. Secretly I think I'll be playing that game too if I get a chance. Brings back memories of a game I used to be highly addicted to called "mid town madness". Anyone else out there recall that game? 

It's the season of the birds. Every single high-line wire was covered in birds on my way to the car this morning. I wished I had time to get a better picture. It really was pretty cool. They make quite the racket I tell you.  

Precious Em is turning 1 in less than a week.  She's such sweetie pie. Her first word which she just started saying last week is Deer. I'm sure her daddy is proud of that one beings he's a hunter and everything. Hearing her say it is the cutest thing. I love my job. 

I'm hungry so I'm gonna go scrounge up some food. 
Thanks for stopping by. 

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