Monday, April 11, 2011

My Creative Power Jam

So basically sometimes to amuse myself I try to make things.

Possibly the title should read. "not so creative".

The bottom line is...I'm not really that super creative but when I'm given some time alone with seriously nothing to do I will eventually squeeze out some sort of project to preserve my sanity.

So this is what I did.
Nothing spectacular but maybe it will inspire some more of you non seamstress people out there.

I've had this for awhile and the strap was starting to break so I was going to throw it away.
Instead I made this. (ok, maybe made isn't the right term.)

Pretty much I just cut off the top part and it already had elastic so it was a no sew project for me.
Same with this next one.

Viola! Super comfortable skirt to just be casual and lazy in.

Fashionable? Maybe not. Comfortable? Definitely!

How's that for a lazy post Monday?
I hope you guys had a splendorific weekend and are all super stoked about another week.

Me? Well I'm still recovering from mini vacation.

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  1. Great job!
    Have you ever searched clothing refashion?
    There are some great blogs out there that show step by step how to refashion clothing to make new stuff just like you did!

  2. Very cute, and especially nice that you didn't have to sew!

    I've tried commenting here before and my comment wouldn't go through. I'll try again. :) I love your blog--it has a very fun vibe, and the name is perfect. I enjoy hearing from other urbanites. :)

  3. Thanks for the fab idea of how to make skirts! Now, I need to find me sewing machine... :/

  4. I love turning dresses in to skirts, and skirts into shirts, and shirts into dresses. (Ok well maybe not that last one!) You look so cute!


  5. how do you turn a skirt into a shirt?

  6. Your skirts look wonderful! I love them.
    Hugs, Cindy

  7. both of these are so cute Laurie and I think creative. neat what You think of to do with Your creative side Laurie.
    TinaJewel what a great idea to do with clothing to Refashion them. I think I need to get My creative side back a wake (lol) and try this, what neat ideas You All have here We can do to make Our lives so much better and more creative and use what We already have in Our homes and save money, Thank Everyone here for Your brilliant ideas. I love saving money and using what I already have to be creative in life, You All have been such blessings, Thank You All.