Monday, February 27, 2012

Weekend In Pictures

Saturday's lunch spot. 
I believe that an amazing place like "Earl Of Sandwich" is just too wonderful to keep a secret. If you're lucky enough to live in San Antonio there are 3 of them around. If not you better pray you're close to one of the other few London or Paris. If you're in one of those locations then just forget about the "lucky to live in San Antonio" part because I'm probably wishing I was you. 

Random pictures we took while hanging out at our favorite shopping spot, "La Cantera". 
I mustache you a question...are you single?? :P
Some kind of coffee contraption. Say whaaat?? 

A super chic microwave @ william & Sonoma.
hot pink kitchen aid mixer. intense. 

I snapped a picture of this Zara mannequin. Kind of digging the leather suspenders. 

Saturday night we got to go ice skating with the family and our friend Marcelo. Happy dance! I love ice skating and I've been dying to go all winter. My dad even got out there. He said he thinks he's older by 20 years than anyone else out there. Might have been true. 
Here's a boring picture of the rink before we were skating. I was going to take pictures of us skating but then my phone kind of died and I was too into the fun to ask husband to borrow his so I don't have pictures. :( 

When you work up a big appetite from all the skating it's kind of necessary to get some yummy mexican food before you go home.  

On Sunday I snapped a picture of this cute interaction. Little Miss Josie talking to Grandma Audrea.

 Too precious. 

I haven't blogged in a while and oh how I've missed it. I didn't realize how much of a creative outlet my blog has become for me.  I had my reasons for not blogging. I'm not sure what all I plan to write here but I will just give you warning incase you are bored by lots of writing (like me) you can simply skip  the following paragraph, move on and I will never be the wiser. 

If I'm not mistaken every blogger sometimes gets hit in the face with the reality that everything they write is thrown out there for anyone and everyone to see if they so wish. I got a disturbing letter from an old friend lately that made me step back and think about a lot of things. She didn't say anything specifically about my blog but about Facebook and how people perceive me as a person because of what I post on social media. She didn't think that I portrayed a very positive outlook of myself or most importantly God. This has a great deal of affect on me because I am pretty sensitive about this issue. I stopped posting entirely for a few weeks just to take a step back and evaluate my blog, my Facebook and my life to see what I was portraying. I don't want to offend anyone and I certainly don't want to offend Christ to whom I owe everything.  My blog was meant to be a creative outlet and a way to record little pieces of our life. When I started this blog I had just got married, moved into a new community and had no close friends with which to relate. Blogging helps me stay positive by putting my energy into something. I would love to hear your impute. 

That's all for now. Depending on how things go you might hear more of me soon. 


  1. I think it's awesome that you're sensitive to the fact that we represent Christ. And I really love the Kitchen Aid. Mine is boring white. =)
    Kristina J.

  2. It is always good to be sensitive to what we portray. At the same time I feel for you in the fact that it is an outlet for your creative side. Just realize this, God made that creative side within you and even in that you can portray Him.

    I also opened my blog as an outlet for what my brain just kept pouring over. I don't get into many pictures just because of the fact that I don't take the time to shoot them. I used to love to photograph anything and everything. What happened?? Well, to be honest, I let life take over and am allowing it to dictate to me what creative juices I have time for or not. That isn't portraying God because He gave me that talent. With being in Graphic Design, I had better start doing something about it.

    I also have some very strong feelings about squelching the "fun" things because they are not "spiritual". You know me well enough, I think, to know what I mean by that.

    I want to encourage you to not let it cripple who you are, but to allow it to bring honor and glory to God. All of us are created different so that God can be glorified in every area. You are special and unique in the fact that you can find joy and delight in the simplest things that the rest of us take for granted. In that way you have inspired me many times over and have put a little delight in my mornings heading out to college. I see life and delight through you. I've missed you, just so you know!

    Blessings to you today, my friend.

  3. Laura, you are a blessing! I love to read your blogs, facebook, etc... and read about your opinions on things and your generally good attitude about life! Keep up the good work! No one is perfect...