Monday, March 5, 2012

Friday's Favorites

No, I don't have my days confused. I know it's not Friday.
I just realized that a perfect way to avoid the fact that it's Monday is to remember Friday with great fondness. 
Ha! So there you have it. I'm beating the system. 

Here are some pictures I took on Friday. 

My sweetie pie Em that I take care of.
 Isn't she just the cutest little strawberry blonde you ever saw. 
A might bit prejudice you think? 

 Don't ya' want a shirt like that?
 Polka dots and a pink heart. 
Yes please! 

Husband brought me two lovely bunches of roses when he came home from work. 
I said " I knew you were going to buy me flowers!!....How did I know that?" 
Weird how I was just thinking about it that day and I just somehow knew he would.
They are beautiful and these pictures don't do justice. 
They are now busy cheering up our house as fresh flowers always do. 

 And then we snuggled. Ha ha!
 I can't believe that in a week will be our one year anniversary. Aaahh!!
Best year ever!!
 Where did the time go?
Being married has been one of the best experience ever. 

That's all!

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