Monday, March 12, 2012

Phone Photos

Hi everybody! Here are some photos from last weekend.
Husband and I had a very random and fun day.
(I think it was last weekend)
I've been meaning to post these for a while but I was busy with life.
Big shocker!!

Central Market.

I wanted to snatch up all their meat and cheese and bread and caviar and just march right out of there like a hero.
It crossed my mind really! 

Such a beautiful day deserved a tire swing ride at the park.
Getting in touch with the inner child.

 Ha ha! This picture cracks me up.
I have no idea whats going on here.
Oh wait, maybe he fell off. 
Yeah, that must be it. 
It's a good thing this picture turned out kind of dark so you can't see my terrified expression as I cling to the rope for dear life. 

Yes, that is totally my shadow in the picture.
I'm sure you didn't notice. 
So husband decided to take a breather after playing so hard on the swings. 
The crazy lady takes a picture. 
Gotta' capture the moment. 

This past week was an amazing week. 
I got to have off of work the last part of the week.
My mom came down and spent the day with me on Thursday.
Sunday was our 1 year anniversary.
If you haven't already you can see some wedding photos here.
God has been so very good to us. 
To get how nice it was you just have to read between the lines. (Or not)

Ok that's it.

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