Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Day Off

Yesterday little Megan Kamila joined the the family that I am nanny for. 
Here she is very new into the world.
 Little Emily is a big sister now!!
This picture really brings little tears to my eyes.
I haven't got to meet her yet but hopefully soon. 

Today I got a day off that I haven't had in a very long time. 
I had a lazy morning, made breakfast, cleaned up the house and went for a walk.

This past weekend was very fun and relaxing.
It seems that since we both work full time we really try and take advantage of our weekends by doing something fun together. 

On Friday we were so happy to have some friends come and see us for a short afternoon.
They live far away in Pennsylvania so we hardly ever get to see them.
Thanks for the honor Marlin & Glanette.

And now without further adieu....my picture update.
According to my phone this is what our weekend looked like.


 Shopping with the husband.
He spoils me.
 A live model getting all painted up in the front of a shop window at the mall.
She got quite a few looks.
Basically everyone was just stopping to watch.
Including me. 
 Dinner at the Cheesecake Factory.
Beyond delicious!

 Stopped at Restoration Warehouse just to look.
They have some of the most amazing furniture ever!
Husband thinks that this huge eiffel tower would be a great addition to our apartment. :)
 I think my favorite of all is this desk right here.
Click on this link to go see it on the website.

 Husbands new toy.
A penguin soda club water carbonater.
We've been enjoying some great quality carbonated water.
My new shoes arrived today from Miss Selfridge.
I super love them.
Can't wait to wear them out.

 You can still buy them over here.

Today I feel blessed.
God reached down and touched me through the divine appointment with a fellow believer on a street corner. It always amazes me how God works. He just may have brought us a friend.

Ciao everyone!

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