Friday, April 20, 2012

The Zoo & Chicken Salad

Hi everyone!
I am more than thrilled to announce that I am now enjoying my 3rd consecutive day off. 
How awesome is that!??! 
I am sure this has not happened since...a very long time.
I didn't know each day if I would have the next off or not so it has been a waiting and hoping game each day. I talked to my boss yesterday and found out I don't have to come in til Monday.

I do get to go on a run with the husband tomorrow delivering books so I guess that counts as a work day but an enjoyable one. 

Yesterday I met up with my Mom and some other friends and some of their homeschool kids to go to the San Antonio Zoo.
I had not been there since I was ten so it was indeed time to revisit.
Now I'm kind of regretting the Husband didn't come with me.
Can you spot the hippo??
I got my exercise pushing our friend Miss Adurey around the zoo.
Not many people get to go to the zoo at her age. 
Pretty flowers. 
So I had to share a link for this yummy Chicken Salad.
I've made several different kinds but the other day husband called and said he would be home in 20 minutes and he was starved.
So....what can you make in 20 minutes that's fast and super yummy??
Here you go.
You can find the recipe here. Another one of my Pinterest finds. 
I think I made it pretty much like the recipe except for I used a bed of spinach instead of lettuce.

It was delicious.
I know this because Husband ate two whole plates full. 

That's all for now.
I was trying to post this yesterday already and then I got interrupted so now I'm finally getting to it. 
Have a blessed day.  

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  1. Heyyy!!!! I remember going to the zoo! :) It was fun, wasn't it? BTW, you can see my camera in the background of you in the pretty flowers...ooops...:)
    That chicken salad looks pretty yummy!
    Have a good day!