Thursday, April 12, 2012


You know what's crazy?
When you come home from work and discover you barely recognize your husband because he got a hair cut. It's safe to say he doesn't get one often and when he does it makes a drastic change in his looks.
Do I like it??
I love it!

And to turn a slightly boring shirt into a slightly less boring shirt. 
 Maybe you're not like me at all and you don't really think details are important.
I think details are pretty important.

I decided to sew these little lace arrow things onto my shirt to add some interest. 
I just cut the shapes I wanted out of lace and top stitched them on the machine. 
Up close it's pretty obviously amateur but goodness you're not supposed to be that close to me anyway. 


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  2. Very cute! My daughter Alexa and you would get along well...I've noticed you have a few pair of adorable heels and she loves heels! ;) Have a great day!