Monday, April 9, 2012

Easter Weekend

I hope everyone had a happy Easter. 
According to my phone this is what Easter weekend was like for us. 

Friday I wasn't feeling so well and husband thought taking me shopping would help me feel better. 
It kind of did cause it got my mind off of it. :)
I got some new skinny belts.
Are we the only ones who go to taco bell just for the baja blast??!
Love that stuff!
As doritos fans we had to try their new doritos taco. 
Friday night we finally went to watch this. 
I can't really say much except that it was an 'ok' movie but please read the books. 

Dressing up to go to the movie. 
He made a face which is why I cropped it. :P Silly husband!

On Saturday afternoon we headed out to spend the rest of the weekend with our awesome friends Joe & Carla. 
Sometimes you just have to get up and do those things you always talk about. 
Going to see them was one of those thing. 

Husband stopped and bought us chocolate dipped ice cream cones.
 I attempted to take a picture of the intense driver and my finger photo bombed my own picture. 

 I always love looking at a blog that shows what the people wore so I'm attempting to do more of that on my blog. If you hate it let me know. 

 We picked Carla up at her house and met Joe when he got off of work. We grabbed dinner at BJ's. (Yeah maybe if they would change their name I wouldn't have to say that it was my first time eating there.)
The food was really good!
Joe & Carla!!
And us!
"I love us!!" :) 
5 stars for someone who knows where that saying comes from. 
Easter morning we went to a sunrise service. It was so very beautiful.
I could just gush about how much I love spring. 
As I sat there watching the sun come up I couldn't help but feel so thankful for the freedom and the life we have in Jesus Christ because of what he did for us. Amazing love!! 
Husband looking all snazzy in his Easter outfit. had nothing to do with it being Easter but I really love his new lace tie. 
Cool, no?
 WIW (what I wore) on Easter.
I took this picture at home when I was packing up to leave and trying to decide what to wear. 
On the way home on Sunday we drove through Austin and took a little detour through downtown. 
Every time I go there I get a little homesick. 
So many memories attached to this place and it kind of makes me want to cry.  

The Austonian. Would love to live there. :) 
On our trip home we listened to Chip Ingram's series called "God's Blueprint for a Great Marriage". It was very good and very practical. 

Well that's basically it. 
Today it's back to real life. 
One more week until the new baby arrives here at the family I work for.
I'm kind of excited to meet little Meghan. 
Also kind of hoping I will get some time off while the mom stays home to recuperate. 
Crossing fingers. 

Have blessed day my loves! 

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