Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Our First Year Book

Hey guys! I decided to share this on my blog.
I made a "Our First Year" book over at mixbook that I gave to husband for our anniversary.
 It's kind of an overview of the things we did in our first year of marriage.
When it arrived husband liked it so much he suggested I make one every year.
Anyway mix book is pretty awesome and super simple to use.
Take a look at what I made. It's pretty cool in printed version.
| Learn About Mixbook Photo Books | Create your own Photo Book


  1. Cool! I've been using mixbook for our wedding album and loving it, so many options...almost too many for my poor brain sometimes...I'll complete a page only to decide there's a better option, so I start all over! ;)

    1. So true! It's awesome though. I would love to see yours. :) I made this as quickly as I could and it still took a week.