Saturday, June 30, 2012

A Week In The Country

Hello my dears! I can't believe how horribly I have neglected this blog. 
I miss it so much and everyday I vow that I will post again more regularly and I just don't do it. 
I have been faithfully taking snapshots here and there with my phone waiting and thinking that someday I will post them on here for you guys to see. 
Honestly I like to do it to help remind myself of the things that we have been up to. 
Looking back over my blog gives me warm fuzzy's and helps me remember how blessed we are for all the enjoyable times we have together. has been busy, busy.
Full of changes and plans and much more. 
I guess that's what summers are all about, huh?

I will do a short update and then post some pictures to help complete the story. 

I no longer babysit for the little girls I had been taking care of.
It was a very sad and hard time for me at first but looking back I see God's hand at work.

This past week we went to Chesapeake Bay for a staff conference with the company husband works for.
It was such an enjoyable and refreshing time for us. We feel so blessed to work for a Christian company and to know that our job isn't just a job but also a ministry. How much more awesome could it get??!

On our way home from Maryland our flight was canceled out of Philly so the dear husband made a quick decision to just stay for the weekend and fly home on Sunday. I love spur of the moment plans and I like that my husband does too. :) We called some friends who lived not far from Philly and took the train to stay at their house for a few nights. Way to crash their weekend too!! We had such a good time. 

Since our return we spent only one night at home before we packed up again to come house-sit for my parents in the country for a week. We are pretty much enjoying a little change of pace out here. Very different from our little apartment life. 

Coming up next week we will be home for a few days again and then heading to Ohio for a dear friend's wedding. Told ya' we are hopping. :) 

Ok, now for some pictures. 

Chesapeake Bay:
Waiting for our bus.

Even the kiddos get to go so we had fun playing with our nephew on the bus ride to the resort. 

 Beautiful sunset over the bay.
 My friend Ami and I.

Me and Husband :) 

Hanging out with the Texas group at the ice cream social night.
Typical :)

On the train to see our friends!! 

 Swimming on a warm Pennsylvania day.
 Dinner at a cute little cafe called Cafe One Eight in downtown Lancaster. 
Waiting for the train back to the airport. 
Here she comes!!

Spending a week in the country. :)

Ok guys...that's all for now. I need to get off the computer already. 
Hope you enjoy the pictures and we will see you next time. 

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