Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Hello Again

There is a slight possible chance that I have never, ever, ever been away from my blog this long. 
A lot of things have been happening and life has just been a bit off of normal lately and this blog has completely taken a back burner. 
I haven't even been keeping up with reading the blogs that I used to read everyday. Gasp!! 
You have to understand that I've been reading them faithfully for over a year so yeah it's a pretty big deal.

I hope to be back on more in the near future. 

I've had quite a bit of time off from work since baby Megan arrived because the Miss Mama still has maternity leave from work. I'm basically going in whenever she needs to get away or has something planned. The life of a Nanny. :)

The baby Megan is already one month old. Time just has a way of running by. 

Hope all you mothers out there had a fantastic Mother's Day!! 

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