Friday, July 13, 2012

My Happy List

Some days like today I feel a twinge of guilt when my husband heads off early for work and I get to stay home and sleep in. Am I the only one who does that? Since I quit my job I am back to wandering the city, riding my bike, reading, taking pictures of random things and dreaming up my next creative venture. I'm enjoying it but still feel a little guilty at times. I keep telling myself that this is only for a short time and that in a few months I'll be the one with a job that never ends. :) 

Things that made me happy today:

These flowers---
 ---because they're from my sweet husband and they're "just because".

This beverage----
 ----because I'm SO not supposed to be drinking it but it tastes like heaven.

This aloe vera plant---
 ---because it actually stayed alive while we were away on vacation. ha!

 This cute boutonniere--- 
 ---because we brought it home after the wedding and it still looks as cute as can be. 

This vintage Simplicity pattern---
 ---because it belonged to mother and she used it to make her dresses when she was a teenager. 

This pretty serving bowl---
 ---because even though it doesn't match anything I own I like it because it use to be my grandmother's.

This picture---
---because I absolutely adore rainy days and this is what I woke up to on Wednesday. 

Well guys....the husband is home so I'm off. 
Have a splendid weekend. 


  1. Very much with ya on the twinge of guilt thing. My man tells me it's ok, cause they're the one that are SUPPOSED to work. But I still feel bad. I think it's very good though for a wife to have days off, cause I get alot more accomplished at home when I've got a day or two off to get motivated! (and then there are days I get very little accomplished ;))

  2. Omg Laura! Dont drink red bull with the baby in the belly!!!

    1. i know nury!!! it's a sin. :( I certainly don't drink it regularly.