Saturday, August 4, 2012

20 Weeks

Happy Saturday!
Here I am at last with the latest baby bump update.
I'm a little behind this week due to a couple reasons so this is really close to 21 wks but who gives.
 The first part of the week husband and I were sick and feeling yucky. The last couple days I haven't barely got dressed so I didn't want to post pictures of me in my pj's. Trust me, you should thank me for that. 
Pardon the rather awkward "self timer" look on my face. Duh!
Please, please take note of the gorgeous hydrangeas in the back ground.
MMhhmm! I am in fact the the recipient of these lovlies thanks to husband.
I kind of secretly love when he goes shopping at Central Market because he always brings back goodies. 

I'm trying to think of anything new or exciting I could tell you guys about my pregnancy so far.
Husband and I are pretty sure we have our name all picked out. We haven't really told anyone though.

I still feel as good as can be so I'm super grateful about that. 
I love feeling the baby move it's such a highlight. I want to enjoy it as much as I can before he get's big enough to do damage with his kicks. lol!

I have cravings now and then but it's always really random and never the same thing over.

Some of my skirts aren't really fitting me very comfortably anymore. Who knew I had so many pencil skirts. They're not really so forgiving. I'm thinking I will switch to maxi skirts for the next few months. 

Also I've been sneezing like crazy. (and not because I was sick)
This morning I think I sneezed 6 or 7 times right in a row. That has never happened before let me tell you! Has anyone else ever experienced this as a pregnancy symptom? 

Ok that's it. Hope there wasn't any TMI material there. 
If so forgive me or leave me a comment so I know. :P 


  1. Gahh!! You're so cute. The bump is adorable. Mine just looks like fat :(

    1. Awe! Thanks Victoria. Don't worry...ur time will come. :)