Tuesday, August 7, 2012

From Mac & Me & Little Baby Makes Three

Good morning and happy Tuesday. 
Thank you for coming and joining me on my morning coffee break.
It's just Mr Mac n I here this morning. Well, there's little S too. (can't forget him) 
I think I've basically adjusted by now to the whole stay at home wife thing. 
A friend asked me if I ever feel cooped in or claustrophobic in my small house and the truth is I don't. Maybe that's because my mind is always traveling so by the end of the day I feel like I've been around the world. That and my recent addiction to online shopping makes it feel like I get out a lot. Ha! Ok, so mostly my addiction to online "browsing" but yes someone please check me. 

I have to share with you guys one of our purchases for our little man. 
Yes, I'm trying to keep that in check but these were too cute to pass up seriously. Gah! Might be a little before he can wear them cause they're 3-6 mo. 
We also found this adorable little shirt that would totally match a shirt "daddy" has but we didn't get it. Just wished. :) 
Little bit of info if you live in the area. They have this cool thing going on right now in the summer (don't actually know how long) where they set up this huge out door screen and play movies down by the river walk for free. Husband and I went one time but we left cause the title of the movie sounded like a horror movie. We really want to go sometime when they play a better one. Good family movie please!!
I'm still enjoying my pretty flowers. I'm a firm believer in fresh flowers. They lift my spirits and make a place feel fresh and welcoming. 
Totally just made you want to come over right?? :)

So in case any of you out there, like me, were very sad the day Picnik decided to close its doors I have some great news for you. 
It's where I have been editing all my photos lately and making collages and stuff. 
So maybe you're thinking....uh I already knew about that but if you didn't its basically very similar to Picnik except kind of better in that you don't have to wait FOREVER to upload a picture or to save it back to you're computer. It's very user friendly and you don't have to sign up to use it or pay any extra fee to get all the features. It's just free and simple with no strings attached. Let's hope it stays that way. 
One of my favorite features is these cute photo corners that look so vintage. 
Heart heart!!

Have a blessed day!! 

Oh! btw..if you haven't already check out my latest addition to the blog, the "shop my closet" page. I still have a lot of stuff there. If you want to make me an offer for anything shoot me a message.


  1. Thanks for the link to PicMonkey! I use Picasa for my main photo editing, and it has alot of the same features, but PicMonkey has a few fun extras! And you're right, it's fast!

    1. You're welcome. Yeah Picnik used to work kind of together with Picasa which is kind of how I discovered it but then I was sad when it closed. :(