Wednesday, August 29, 2012

24 Weeks

So some of you have been after me to do another bump update so here it is. I will tell you that I was planning to do this every week but I get so frustrated trying to take the pictures without having a tri-pod and messing with the self timer. (No I don't have a remote) So...let's just say I procrastinate. This week you will see the unsightly sight of the camera in every picture as I attempt to take the famous "mirror" picture. Oh lovely!! Anyway.....without further adieu Baby S @ 24 weeks. 
So, let me think...what's new with this whole pregnancy thing?
Baby S is approximately the size of a cantaloupe and supposedly around 1pd. 25oz.
He moves so much these days we call him our little kangaroo. Picture this.
It has caused me some rather unrestful nights. 

I always tell husband that he (husband) is so funny and he always makes me laugh. Last night husband said "do you think our baby will be funny?" That made me laugh even more. I could totally handle a funny baby. 

Sometimes I feel like I can't breathe. When I yawn I have to take 3 little breaths to get through it because one big breath just doesn't work. Really weird especially when you yawn like 20 times in 10 minutes. 

Also I can't really bend over. Unless its kind of a half sideways squat bend. I think....if I can't hardly bend to put on my shoes now how will I ever survive 40 wks?

All in all...I love being pregnant. 
It is strange seeing your body turn into something so odd and different and yet very fascinating at the same time. I seriously can't wait to meet this little guy.  

Have a great day everybody!


  1. Very cute outfit and all.

  2. You are adorable. I love your blog, Laura. For as much as I enjoy it I always feel a little bad reading and never commenting. haha. :) Know that if my fingers were free more often when I'm blog reading, there would be more comments. :)

    1. Awe...thanks so much for the comment. There is something very heart warming about getting a comment on my blog. (it's a blogger thing) It makes it feel like there are actually people out there on the other side of my screen. :)

  3. Yeah, way more fun even than if people comment on Facebook where you linked it, right? I wonder if it's something about your blog being your personal space...designed by you...where you hang your heart. I don't even know if I used that phrase correctly, but it sounded right. :)