Friday, August 31, 2012

Is It Friday Already?

Where has this week gone? I have no idea. It felt like it flew by. Hey...I'm fine with the weekend right? Maybe my week felt short because I went to my Mom & Dad's house two days in a row. Don't get to do that much. It was great to have mom back and things feel like normal at the old home place. Mom got us caught up on her time in Florida including her drama with lizards and snakes. So hilarious how she tells the stories. Got to go with Mom to run some errands and do some shopping at my old stomping grounds (Austin) yesterday. Seriously haven't been to Austin much at all since husband and I got married. I always feel a bit nostalgic when I go there. I really do miss parts of it and I have a lot of good memories from there.

Here's a big part of what I miss. :P
P. Terry's! I absolutely adore their chicken burger.
Hmm....just what do I have to do to convince them to start one in San Antonio?

 Fresh fries!!

Also I will leave you with this beautiful sunrise picture I took driving on my way to Mom's house. It was much more breath taking in real life. Bahahaha! 

Have a blessed weekend! 


  1. My week flew by too. Maybe it's the moon phase or something... ;)

  2. What a beautiful blog! I so enjoyed my visit over here! Your fashion and style are so fun, and I love the name!