Friday, September 14, 2012

Life Update

Happy Friday my dear friends.
This has been another one of those weeks that just simply flew by. 
My apologies for neglecting the blog this past week.  

Weather here in Texas has been surprisingly nice the last week or so. I am so ready for fall it isn't even right. Especially as I sit on pins and needles waiting for my new boots to arrive in the mail. Get here already!! 

The way time is flying sometimes it really hits me and I get so super excited for our son to be born this winter. So excited we are!! :) I just hope we get everything done and bought that we need to before then. Crazy pregnant lady thoughts of course. 

Thanks to our little man I have been waking up early the last month or so. I am getting quite used to it and actually enjoy getting up early and sitting by the window with my cup of tea. It's nice to have some quiet time, have my devotions and pray as the city is awaking around me. It really is a rather beautiful sight to watch the world come alive and to see the magical moment when the streetlights turn off. 

This past week I worked on a fun little project. 
As you guys probably already know I'm a little in love with anything British including their flag. So I randomly decided to sew some onto the pockets of a cardigan I had. I won't lie it took me a long time because I had to hand stitch it onto the pocket so the pocket would still be functional. It was fun though. Now if only it would perfect your british accent while wearing it I think we'd be set. I really want one of those. 
This cardigan was in my shop but obviously I won't be getting rid of it for $4 anymore. Really... it took me two days to do this. :P 

 I'm so bummed that I didn't get pictures last night. Husband and I went out to eat with friends to celebrate a friends' accomplishment. It was such a good time and those are always the times that I seem to forget to take pictures of. 

Well, I'm going to run along. That was an awful lot of writing and blab right there so if you made it all the way you must be dedicated. I tend to skim read these kinds of blog posts so if you did that.... shame on you!!! .....feel no guilt. :)
 Have a blessed Friday everyone! 

Some more funny random self pics before we went to church on Sunday.

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