Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Summer's Last Hurrah

Good afternoon and happy Tuesday to all of you!
Just stopping by to say Hi and wish everyone the bestest of day. 

Do you guys realize that this is officially the last week of Summer?
I for one have fully switched into fall mode but I happened to glance at the calendar yesterday and saw that autumn does in fact "officially" begin this Friday. I feel so very spoiled with the beautiful weather we have. I honestly did not expect it but it seems that for now Texas has decided to follow the appropriate season schedule by cooling down and raining. Sunday was probably the closest thing to a perfect day that you could ever imagine. It drizzled/rained from 6am to 4pm and let me tell you, that is something Texans never take for granted. 

Our weekend was fantastic! We were so happy and blessed to have our cousin Alex stop by for a visit on his way from California to Houston. We are so excited that he and his family are moving to Houston Lord willing this fall sometime. Having "california" family that close is going to be a sweet treat. 

Remember those boots I was waiting for??....they came!! Finally. 

Which one do you like best? I like them both but I decided to take the brown ones out for a walk today and they were very comfortable and I think they are going to be a favorite.

I stopped and grabbed breakfast at Big Apple Bagels. I love that place really. They have the yummiest bagels. I got the Southern Specialty (or something like that) on a toasted jalapeno. Nom, nom, nom! 
 I know I'm not winning any "healthy mom" awards by telling you this but I am loving my Lucky Charms in the morning. Seriously, health freaks...I know you can hate on me but the fact of the matter is, my "unhealthy" snacks are essential to my mental wellbeing. Plus it came with a free water squirter. So there! 
 Last week we made a purchase for our baby. A dresser from Copenhagen. Husband is going to fix one of the drawers to be a slide out changing table. The shelf thingy on top is kind of temporary since we weren't sure what to do with it after we put the dresser there. 
 My latest nail polish. 

Well, I gotta get busy. The kitchen looks like a train wreck after last night's super delicious homemade pizza episode. Guilty as charged....I did not clean up after I was finished. :( Husband came home and joined me in my old movie marathon. We watched "How to Steal A Million". It was good and funny and I think Audrey Hepburn is the cutest. 

Anyway, have a blessed day! 


  1. I LOVE those brown boots! Where did you find them?!

    1. Thank you! The boots are from Urbanog.com.