Wednesday, September 26, 2012

This Thing Called Life

Hi guys it's me! 
Last time I posted I was in the hospital. I am very happy and thankful to say I didn't have to stay more than two nights. On Friday after I had almost given up hope the Dr came by and said she would let me go home but she was going to have me get on another antibiotic right away. Boy was I ever glad to get out of that room. Some of the good things about my stay was having breakfast delivered to my room and having friends come see me bearing gifts in forms of chocolate. Can you believe I have friends that amazing??! 

Ever since that we have been so busy hence the lack of content here on my blog.

As a little update, Friday night after I got out of the hospital we went to Bastrop and spent the night at my parent's house. Saturday morning we went to old downtown Bastrop for breakfast and to hang out with an old friend. I miss Bastrop quite a bit. 
Breakfast with our friend at an old small town diner.

The diner's yummy looking dessert selection. 
 We spotted this beauty while driving around Bastrop. Yes, I made husband go back so I could take a picture. :P
Saturday night Husband and I got to go babysit for "my" little girls, Emily and Megan and three of their friends. The parents were going out for dinner and dancing for one of the guy's birthday. It was awesome! We had so much fun being over run with kiddos. 5 to be exact. :) It turned into a pretty late night I think we came home after 3:00 the next morning. :P
Fuel for our babysitting adventure.  
I like the strange coloring in these photos. I took them through the car window and I think the tint strip at the top of the windshield caused it.
Yesterday I finally hit my third trimester in this whole pregnancy thing!! I am so happy and excited to be here and to have made it this far. 
Excited and a little nervous about the upcoming changes and the fact that the time is drawing nearer to meet our little guy. Oh boy! I had a Midwife appointment and then Husband and I went out to celebrate at the Cheesecake Factory. Can you say yummy!!??

Well, time for me to get the "ba-hind" in gear and pack for our upcoming adventure. We are headed to Bastrop again tonight and then tomorrow will be a busy day doing inventory for the company husband works for. Yes....they recruit me to help. Then it's off to the valley to do inventory at the depot there. Secretly hoping to catch some beach time while we're there. Shhh!! :P

Have a blessed week everyone! 

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