Thursday, October 4, 2012

S. Padre Island

Goodmorning everyone!
Are you shocked that I'm here?

I know, I blogging for the present has seemed to have taken a nose dive. I hope to be back at it more vigorously in the near future. 

Last week was a busy one. As you may remember in my last post that we were preparing for inventory. The upside was getting to spend a few days at the beach on S. Padre Island after we were finished with work. 

Here are some photos to catch you up on my life. 

A double rainbow I was trying to take a picture of on our 6 hr drive to the valley. 

 We drove a lot of this. 
 But the sun came out behind the clouds and was just as gorgeous as you can imagine. 
 Inventory time!! 
This is his concentrated counting face.
 Because I am always taking pictures of my fatness. :-P 
 Beach time!! 
Husband playing in the sand. 
He decided to dig his own grave. Yes, he got some stares. 

 Early morning on the beach.
 Together is the best place to be. 

 I played around with my hdr filter. 

 Another one of husband's creations. 

Oh, and btw....I have an instagram you guys!! Well, I've had one for a while but I never really used it due to the fact that I thought you had to use the built in instagram camera for the photos that you post. I now know that you can upload any pictures you take with any camera which I personally like better since I have other apps I prefer. I'm having so much fun over there so come follow me if you want @urbanstarlings. 

That's all!
Thanks for stopping by.

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  1. Very funny Artem, You guys,ahh I miss you and think we should hang out again. Laura, you're looking so good.