Wednesday, September 19, 2012

What I Love Wednesday (4th Edition)

Hi everybody! 
Just stopping by with a quick WILW post.

I'm loving this cute Starbucks. It looks so cozy and inviting. 
This birch candle holder & these twig tea spoons from Leif

I'm loving some really cute stuff over at Boden.
Cozy Knits in every color imaginable. 
Boden Knitwear
Colorful boot socks.
Pretty Skirts
I also got stuck in the baby section again. They have some sweet baby pieces.
Baby Boden
Baby Boden
Baby Boden
I found some fairly cute diaper bag options over at this place called Diaper Bags. Genius name right! :) I don't really know yet if I plan to get another bag for a diaper bag or just use the one I have. I don't really care for the traditional diaper bag choices. 

Diaper Bags
A recipe I can't wait to try!
Maple Pecan Twist
A recipe I tried recently and it was yummy!
Berry Crisp

Have a good happy Wednesday! 

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