Wednesday, December 12, 2012

39 Weeks

Hello friends! 
Here's to hoping that this will be one of my last, if not the last bump update. 
Baby S and I @ 39 Weeks.
The simple things in life have become increasingly difficult to accomplish but so far I still feel great. I have my moments of course. Our bags are packed and ready for the hospital. Pardon the dirty mirror in my pictures. I had to leave the house for the past 4 days while there was some maintenance going on at the apartment and now I feel a bit overwhelmed at everything that needs cleaning. Where's a maid when you need one right? Of course if I had all the energy in the world I might just sprint around and do it all and be finished in 15 min or so. Instead I guess I'll waste some time on the computer. Ha! So much less exerting. 

Hope everyone is having a wonderful day! Happy 12.12.12! 

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