Wednesday, December 5, 2012

More Sweet Than Ever

Happy Wednesday to all my friends out there. 
I'm updating you a bit with another random photo upload. Just a teeny glimpse into our lives here in the Alamo city. I like to post these pictures to my blog for a few reasons but mostly because I enjoy looking back over them myself and see this as an online photo journal of our lives. I get quite nostalgic already when I go back to the beginning of this blog and review it. So many sweet memories. 

On a "date" to our new favorite place on the river walk. Acenar. If you get a chance try it out. Their menu is quite unique from any other place here and the atmosphere is pretty swanky/modern. 

We double dated with this cute bird couple. 

 On our way to a gender reveal baby shower for our friends. We were supposed to wear blue or pink depending on what we thought they were going to have, a boy or a girl. :) 
We were wrong. :) 

Crafting my little heart out making thank you cards. 

Spending a day in downtown with friends. 

 Beautifully detailed architecture. 

Comparing our bellies. (It's a pregnant ladies thing) 

 Sunday afternoon Farkle game. 
Munching yummy pomegranates sent from our family in California. So good!
 Foggy morning. 
St. Joseph's Catholic Church.

 More sweet than ever!

Ok, that's all. I'm going to go catch some Z's. These days it seems I can never get enough. 

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