Monday, December 17, 2012

On Being Prepared

Good morning my friends!
I'm sitting here quite early with my trusted laptop because I can't sleep. I'm beginning to think about being prepared and what that means. I am one day away from my due date and husband and I are as prepared as we probably can be going into something with so many unknowns. I mean can you ever really be totally prepared for something like this? Something so wonderful and forever life changing? We have looked forward to the day of our baby's birth for what seems like an eternity now. We look forward to it with great expectation as do our family and friends. Everyone is eagerly awaiting the "call". I think about how excited I am and how I long to meet this child that I have been carrying inside of me for so long. I wonder inside myself if this is how we are supposed to be awaiting Jesus' return. This time of the year we celebrate when Jesus came down to earth as a little baby much like our little one is expected to arrive. I wonder though how many of us are as eagerly expecting and longing for that time when he comes again. Am I aware everyday that this could be the day I finally get to meet Jesus face to face. If not for all his people it might be the end for me. We never know. I have no doubt he is coming again  just as I have no doubt (ok maybe a little) that this baby has to come out sometime. 
I want to be prepared don't you?

I will leave you with some very random pictures. I know how you like that. :P

The stroller's here!!! Yes, he was that excited. :) 
Unpacking and figuring it all out. 
 All ready for it's maiden voyage. :)

Crib assembling class in progress.

 Drawers full of clean baby clothes thanks to the help of my mom. 

 Sweet gifts for our baby from awesome friends.

Then there's this stuff which honestly I just wanted to post a picture of because I think it's hilarious. :P 

Got to go get ready for my Dr Appointment. 
Thanks for stopping by. 

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