Saturday, December 1, 2012

Trying To Feel Like Christmas

Today is December 1st and today more than anything should feel like winter and Christmas right?! Well, it doesn't! Not even a little teeny bit. :( It's somewhere in or near the 80's which feels even slightly more exaggerated when you happen to be preggo like me so I think that brings it to somewhere around the mid 90's for me. I may be just a tiny bit bitter about that but here's to trying and make me feel better.  

Photos of "happier" times!! :) 

Our first peppermint mocha of the season and it's yummy snowman cookie companion.
This happened to be on a cold night. 

 Bundled up. 
The Christmas tree at the river center.
photo by husband
photo by husband
Luminaries along the riverwalk.
 Alamo Plaza in all it's Christmas glories. 
photo by husband
Mall decorations. (and a cute husband)

 Little Christmas touches around our apartment. 
We aren't having a Christmas tree this year so that was a bit disheartening but at this point all mind is on the coming baby anyway so I haven't had too much time to mourn. 
 My DIY Christmas dove. I got the idea from Pinterest here.

 Another DIY. Idea from here.

 I was just full of DIY's this year. I was having one of those days when you just have to make something or you will explode. Am I the only one who gets those? 
 More riverwalk pretties. 
Much more beautiful in person I assure you. 

Husband just served me some peppermint tea so I will be off. 
Have a blessed weekend!

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  1. Trust me, I completely understand. I live in Austin and Texas winters are just so bi-polar! LOL. I love going to the Riverwalk during Christmas, I lived in SA for 2 years and was always down there during Christmas, it's so beautiful <333

    XO Lori