Wednesday, June 26, 2013

6 Months

Happy 6 Months Zion! 
Can't believe my baby is already half a year old. Whaat!! He is getting more and more fun by the day it seems. I thought I wanted him to stay little but I find that as he gets older I just love it even more. He is sitting by himself, rolling over and scootching around. I can't ever expect to put him down and come back to find him in the same place. He somehow manages to get himself into all kinds of awkward positions. He has also, much to our horror, taken a few spills off of the couch, bed and out of his stroller. :( Scariest thing ever! I think I'm learning. Yesterday he got a little bored and fussy so I pulled out some nail polishes in a box and that seemed to entertain him greatly. That's my funny boy!

See you guys soon!

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