Wednesday, April 20, 2011

The Adorablest Coffee Shop

I totally know that adorablest isnt a word but I am practically the queen of making words out of non words.

Our life is an adventure really. It's decidedly what we make it out of it.
One of my favoritest thing to do with husband is discovering new places, places with wonder and feeling, places with romance, places where God touches the earth.

On Monday I went to work with husband.
His work took us to the adorable town of Fredericksburg.
If you haven't been there its hard to explain how cute and quaint this place is.
I wanted to stay there forever and visit all the cute little shops.
We didn't do that but we did stop in at this adorable little place called "Greater Grace Coffee House".

Such a wonderful atmosphere. Cozy, comfortable and inviting.

The coolest thing is that it was a Christian coffee shop.
Ok, so the coffee place wasn't necessarily a Christian but you know what I mean.

There were Christian books and magazines lying around to read, Christian music playing and wonderful Christian hospitality to serve you.

I could totally sink my teeth in one of these Christian muffins right now.
That's a joke in case you didn't catch it.

The owner, with whom we had a lovely time chatting made us these "amazing" mediterranean subs with all kinds of lovely things on it. Sundried tomatoes, olives, artichoke hearts and meat and cheese. Wow, I'm getting hungry just remembering it.

Andy has a wonderful, spirit led ministry through his coffee shop. If you happen to be in Fredericksburg I suggest you check this place out.
It's pretty chill.

Happy Wednesday!
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