Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Overdue & Fiesta Loco

I know I haven't posted for two whole days.
My bad.
Sometimes life just has a way of being more important than a blog about it.
Strange right?

There is so much stuff I could write about I feel like my brain is playing mental bumper cars.
In a peaceful way though.

So how did my weekend go down?
Very interestingly for sure.
Saturday had husband and I excitedly venturing out in an attempt to see the wonderful Fiesta Flambeau Parade.

Yay! It was without a doubt the biggest, most outrageous parade we've ever been to.
We didn't get many pictures because most of it was after dark and its hard to take night pictures of a light parade.

There were so many people.

Approx 600 thousand people attend.

Madness for sure!
I couldn't help this overwhelming burdened feeling of all these people and knowing that so few of them are saved.
Wondering what it will look like when Jesus returns and all the people on earth are gathered together.

For those people who were fortunate enough to have purchased their 20 dollar tickets a few months in advance this parade might have been a picnic.

For those thousands who just turn up in hopes to find a spot to watch, it had potential to turn into a nightmare.

At first I was merely intrigued by all the people and the supposed promise of fun festivities in the air but things quickly took a rather scary turn.
We were standing up as tight as we could behind where they set up the $20 ticket chairs on the side of the street.
There were so many people crowded together on the street corner where husband and I were standing and more and more kept coming. Everyone squeezing in tighter and closer behind and around us.
Eventually we were squashed so tight we were literally grinding against complete strangers.
At first I couldn't figure out why husband was pushing me so hard. I was bracing my self against the chairs to keep upright. Then I realized that everybody was being pushed. A fight had broke out very close and there was no where for anyone to go.
"Push me one more time!!", I heard the guy yelling. My heart felt like it was pounding as loud as the drums from the marching bands. Before it got much worse the police came and opened up a path through the mass of chairs and people on the street in front of us so we made a mad dash for freedom. I didn't really care to stick around for the outcome. I don't think I would have come out on top if a mad stampede broke loose.

After that all I could think about was going back to the safety and comfort of our apartment.

Before we got there we came upon an other interesting scene.

A young girl sitting on the asphalt handcuffed and surrounded by police.
Our curiosity and thirst for drama held us captivated by the scene.
We figured out that we could easily view the whole thing from our fire escape.

I simply couldn't wrap my mind around what she might have done to deserve such treatment but I knew it must have been something serious.
They kept fingering through her hair with their gloved hands as if they were searching it for something and repeatedly inspected a tattoo on her shoulder.
If she started to squirm or move too much they would push her head way down between her legs to make her hold still.
She would scream at them angrily when they did this telling them to stop because they were hurting her.
They didn't stop.
She begged for them to let her go home saying she didn't do anything.
They kept here there for well over an hour while more police arrived on the scene and also a crime scene investigator.
The investigator was taking pictures of everything.

Finally, when our curiosities got the best of us, husband decided to go do a little investigating of his own by talking to a young man who was sitting close to the scene.
So after a long drawn out time they finally brought in a police van and put her in the cage in the back and hauled her off to jail.

Wow, what a life. It breaks my heart to see young people like that who have nothing to live for and don't know a better life.

Husband came back to report that the young man was her boyfriend.
The boyfriend's story was that they were drinking and the police confronted her about something. Instead of cooperating with them she attacked the officer and consequently got put in her place. Evidently her attack and refusal to cooperate with their search attempts stemmed the whole thing but there might have been something more going on behind this one. It seems pretty strange to fight a police officer for no reason even if you were intoxicated.

And that was our Fiesta experience guys.
We are thinking of making shirts that say: I survived Fiesta.
What do you think?
I seriously think they would sell.
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