Friday, April 22, 2011

Fallen Nest

I was on my way to the parking garage yesterday when I stumbled upon this beautiful little birds nest.
It had cute little blue eggs inside.

Things like this make me sad because it had obviously fallen from one of the palm trees it was lying under.

One of the little eggs was broken and lying beside the nest. Look at the teeny tiny little yoke.

I'm not enough a bird expert to know what kind of birds they were but it was too cute not to take pictures.
I'm currently really in love with everything birds.
There is so much bird inspired home decor of late and its all so adorable. I'm really liking all the bird cages.
I mostly like the white painted ones kind of like this,

but when I found this picture I literally fell in love. Something about this picture is just gorgeousness.

Here are just a few cute bird inspired decor pictures that caught my eye.
Cute pillows.

Wall art.

Hey, this is what I could have done with the nest and eggs if I had kept them!
Nah, I don't think mine would have looked this cool.

And this last one, isn't it sheer brilliance?
I really want to do that.

Maybe if I have a patio someday.
I'm thinking it would be very romantic and nice on a patio or veranda next to some outdoor furniture to relax in.

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  1. Wow! This collection of pictures was just breathtaking. I love all those decorations....=)
    Kristina J.