Saturday, April 23, 2011

Knock Knock Who's There?

There was a knock on our door today.
I was glad husband was home to go see who it was.
It's happened before when he wasn't home and I nearly jumped out of my skin.
It happens when you aren't used to people dropping by.
I didn't recognize the guy so I only opened it a tiny crack.
He got a surprised look on his face and said "sorry, wrong door".
Yeah, I think so too mister! buh-bye!

Today it was totally legit though.
We got a package all the way from Cali! It was from our Russian family.

I love packages seriously, and family. Don't you?
Inside the box were all kinds of yummy Russian snacks.
I got to taste my first dried fish.

This is one of husbands favorites and he always talks about it and says he wishes I could try it.
It's dried and salted.

It was super good. It's like jerky made out of tiny fish.
Brown bread and Moscowskya dry smoked salami. Mmmm!

All kinds of unique Russian candy.

Last night we had a wonderful time with our fellowship
I am always so blessed and refreshed after meeting together.
Spiritually uplifting is what it is. It's like a cool shower after a day of hot dusty work.
You get the picture.

To celebrate some birthday people, the lovely Aislinn made and decorated this cake with fondant.

It looked too pretty to eat but when we did it was scrumptious.

This is handsome Husband preparing for devos tomorrow.

Tomorrow is Happy Easter guys!
Contrary to common believe its not about eggs and bunnies so I'm going to prepare to worship the One its all about.
Thank you Jesus!

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  1. you made me want to it all of these!
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