Thursday, April 14, 2011

Food Is Our Hobby

Apparently we like to cook.
It's kind of turned into a hobby for husband and I.

The funny thing is I hated to cook before we got married.
I don't think I minded it so much but I was always afraid it wouldn't turn out.

Since we've been married this "chore" has so turned into a non-chore.
We love it!
The fun thing is we always do it together and what isn't fun when you do it with your best friend?

One of our favorites is the breakfast sandwich.

Don't be fooled by its familiar name. This baby isn't just ANY breakfast sandwich.
Unlike McDonald's you don't have to choose between the bacon and sausage.

Why choose when you can have both?

Aaahh! My life is so much more simple now.

The eggs are cooked with cilantro (which happens to be a staple at our house) and a beautiful thick dose of cheese.

We put all of it inside a lovely English muffin and toast it on our George forman grill.

Let me tell you, that my friends is a taste of heaven.

I'm not bragging. Ok, I am.
It's just that good.

Anyone for a Philly Cheese Steak Sandwhich?

So this is something I would never have ordered at a restaurant but Husband loves them.
We made them and let me tell you. They were the best thing ever!!

And now for some more goodies.

Mini Italian Meatball Burgers

I am so thankful for a husband who likes to help in the kitchen.

God totally knew what I needed when he gave me this guy.

They look so pretty don't they?
Mexican Cheese Crisps with Avocado.
No, I'm not a racist because I said the word Mexican. Totally been accused of that!

So who knew that you can bake cheese squares to make these?

We've made these Calzones twice already because they're really good.

Primavera Potato Bites

We've made other stuff too but of course I didn't think to take pictures.
Yesterday we made the meanest Chicken Quesadillas I've ever had.

This is just a little peek into some fun stuff we've tried.

Also I've added a cool feature.
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That's for those of you who don't have an account and can't follow me.

Let me know if you want the recipe for anything. I'm telling you the Philly Cheese Steaks are worth a try.

That's all for now guys!
Bon Appetit!
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  1. holy moly, drooling over here. everything looks so good! i wish my hubby would cook. and then clean up. and then serve me food. he's not into that though, can you imagine? ;)

  2. OH MY GOODNESS!! I am sitting here starving, haven't ate lunch yet. These pictures were torture they look so yummy. Like gourmet stuff. Anyways thanks for stopping by my blog. Hope you have a great weekend :)