Tuesday, April 12, 2011


Hello everybody!
Wheew! What a long day!
Husband and I just got back from Laredo.
We were supposed to go yesterday but it didn't work out so we went today instead.

Getting up at 1:30am is not my cup of tea.
On the other hand it was fun because who doesn't like to go to work with their husbands?
If you happen to have one anyway.

If you're a guy just disregard that last part.
Which makes me wonder, do guys read my blog?

Everything went smooth and dandy until we were coming back and had to go through the US border patrol check point.
Apparently they hate on people who are not US citizens.
Especially those who don't carry their permanent residents card.
Hhhmm..I don't know why!?

I love being married to a Russian.
It causes for double takes and interesting questions.
People ask where he's from when they hear his name.

Here are some pictures from around our city.

Yes, we like guacamole.
And now, introducing the Arneson River Theater!
It's located right along the riverwalk.
For you movie savvy people, they filmed part of Miss Congeniality here.

This 8 yr old Mariachi singer was performing.

Pretty cute. I think he stole all the little girl's hearts.
Also performing was this teenage band with some major old school vibe going on called "Take Note".

They were very good really.

Well I'm off to snuggle with my husband.

Oh, wait!
Just in I have another picture of baby Edward.

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