Tuesday, April 26, 2011

One Month

Happy one month of blogging to me!!
Do I get a cake or something? A party? Presents perhaps?
No, I'm kidding guys.
For real, the only thing I need to keep me going is the steadily rising numbers of page hits.
Almost 4,000 in one month.
I know that may not seem like a lot to some of you super bloggers out there but its fantastic to me.
Thank you everyone! A special thanks to those who have followed me and those who haven't missed a post.
What can I say? You're Awesome!

Did everyone have a good Easter?
We did!
We were probably some of the few who slept in for a good part of the morning.
No "non" sunrise service for us. It happened to be cloudy and gray so why bother?
For reals it was husbands only day to sleep in and my love for cuddling overpowered my desire to jump out of bed at 5 or something.
We had our Sunday service in the evening which made for a nice relaxing day.
I like celebrating the resurrection of Christ because it is so foundational to our Faith. Jesus didn't just die for us, he rose from the dead defeating death and sin. It's so beautiful!

Saturday night husband and I were strolling the city. On our way home we passed the Majestic Theater and the crowds of people going in.

We always talk about going there some day for a show or something. It looks so cool from the outside and whenever they are open we try to peer inside as far as we can as we walk by.
I'm wondering what is going on tonight. Lots of nicely dressed people are going inside.

We keep walking past the market and a guy comes out and makes an obvious effort to cross our paths.
"You wouldn't happen to be Symphony fans are you?"
Our faces must have conveyed our confusion cause we just stood there looking blank.
"The San Antonio Symphony, they are playing tonight at the Majestic in 5 minutes. I have 2 tickets but I can't go I have to work. Thought maybe you would want them."
Husband and I look at each other and thought, why not? Here's our perfect opportunity.
So we take the tickets and turn around walking back in the direction we came from.
We couldn't help but laugh at how random it all was.

The place was just royal that's all I can say.
You aren't supposed to take pictures but I took a few quick snaps for you guys. Yeah, I totally risked getting my phone confiscated for this.

I took these before the show actually started.

I loved the beautiful, beautiful music but my favorite was the dancing.
They had these dancers dancing traditional Mexican and Salsa (not the provocative type) dances. Talk about modest dancers these were for real. I can appreciate that since I was there with my husband. I don't know how many yards of fabric was in their skirts but I can tell you it was a lot.
This is what it looked like. (thank you Google images)

Here is very bad picture of us waiting for the show to start.

My phone was almost dead so the flash wouldn't work.

God bless you guys!
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