Saturday, April 16, 2011

Viva Fiesta!

Here are some pictures from yesterday. We didn't watch the whole parade because it was so long we got tired of standing.

It lasted like 3 1/2 hours or something.

Yikes! After a while it was like the same thing, same thing.

I guess the marching bands are my favorite because I love the heavy drum beats.

The Queen of something or other.

Mariachi Band

Ha ha! Nice princess shoes there. Every time a beauty princes or queen went by everyone yelled, "show us your shoes!".
The girls didn't fail to entertain with their amusing choice of shoes.

Loved this girls outfit.

No comment.

These were the best band costumes. Most of them are pretty ridiculous really. I thought these were pretty cool.

Colorful Fiesta!

So tonight is an even bigger parade. It's the largest illuminated parade in the nation. Can't wait to see what it will be like.

I think it starts at 7 and doesn't end till 11. Mmhhmm! Texans believe in doing things in a big way.
By the way, they say the city makes over $284 million from Fiesta. Yep! Million!

Also a little piece of info. Found out today that we live in the second largest city in Texas and 7th largest in the nation. At least we made the top 10.
Happy weekend!
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