Saturday, April 30, 2011

Soccer Saturday

Today we went to watch our friend Sebastian play soccer.
I had no idea that soccer was such a "scene". Literally hundreds & hundreds of people out there playing soccer.

Sebastian is an awesome little soccer dude. He made more goals than anyone else on his team and he has some pretty cool moves.

That's him in the purple # 11. Go Sebe!!

This was their last game of the season so I'm sad we won't get to see him play again soon.

After the game the parents and family members form this celebration lane.

15 seconds of fame. It looks like fun.

A picture of husband and I with our soccer hero.

Here's Sebastian with his family. The Ariza's!
What a sweet family. They are part of our fellowship and they have been such a blessing.

A visit to Costco proved successful. What can I say? We love Izzy. Want one?

Made these little guys tonight to take along to our fellowship tomorrow.

Husband says I'm the brownie queen. I think he's just being nice.

We are having a picnic at the park tomorrow.
Something else very exciting is happening tomorrow but you will just have to wait until then to find out.

Nighty night peaches!
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  1. OMG Laura! you just posted two of my most favoritest (i know its not a word) things in the world! my fav izzy is the pomegranate one and those brownies look delish!!! baby salazar is hating me for this right about now! well keep having fun! laterz!