Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Still Alive

I have been avoiding writing my blog because of my total lack of pictures. I have some pretty good ones from Sunday but don't have a computer so I'm stuck. Sadness!

Anyway, the exciting news from the weekend was that my little brother got baptized.
Praise the Lord!

Here's a kind of bad phone picture of my brother Gaylen (on left) and one of our fellowship leaders, Ron (on right). I hope to get some better pictures up soon.
Congratulations on this big step and always know we love you Gaylen.

So what happens when you have a breast cancer walk downtown?
Thanks for asking!
You can't leave the city that's what.

Every street leading out was blocked off.
We finally maneuvered our way around and went the wrong way on a one way to get out to the main hwy.

I've always wanted to do one of those walks so I wish I would have known I probably would have joined.
We had an awesome time when some friends spent Sunday afternoon with us.
Well the afternoon was pretty quiet and looked something like this.

But in the evening a bunch of friends from the area came downtown and we enjoyed a fun evening together.
Of course they wanted to come see our apartment so we brought them up.
15 people all together were hanging out at our one room house. It was great!
Here's a picture of my handsome husband just because.

Thanks to him I now own this cute little vintage looking skirt I've been eyeing for a long time. Thank you baby!

Umm..minus those flower things, that's just a belt I was trying on.

In case you haven't heard Starbucks is having a happy hour promotion on their frapps.
This month 6th-15th from 3pm to 5pm they will be half price. Any size, any flavor, any way you like.

Count me in!
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  1. Laura!!! The pictures you post of some people...... hehe. I can't imagine how that looked in person. Were there no more flattering ones?

    Thanks for the great time with ya'll!