Monday, May 16, 2011

Critique Me

Here is another one of my little projects I promised I would post about.
Don't critique me on this, that part comes later.

I have seen several different versions of this idea all over on blogs but this is my version. My interpretation.
Sorry I don't have an "in progress" picture but then again it was a mess so I'm kind of glad I don't.

For the back I ripped pages from a book that I had a grudge against. I crumbled them up in a ball and put them in a bowl with water and this aging stain stuff. I squeezed the water out and hung them up to dry.
Voila! Old looking paper. Yes, I'm weird.

I cut out the letter S and then added 205 because I like random numbers.
Ok, its not a random number. It's our apartment number.

Here's a close up of the little round one.
We got this cute frame as a wedding gift but I never had anything to put in it.

There it is for now!
Let me know if you want one. I mean they were pretty fun to make really.

Ok so now, what do you guys think about this picture?
I took it from our parking garage. Do you like it?

I feel a lot like Mr Monk with how bad I want to go down and straighten that one table chairs.
I can't decide if it adds interest or if its a distraction?
Would the picture be boring without it? Let me know what you think.

That's it for today!
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  1. Darling! Love book page projects. - this blog sometimes has fun book projects too. but i'd say yours almost tops.
    you should get an esty sight or do you already have one.

  2. beautiful :) i especially like the floral frames art!