Sunday, May 15, 2011


Everybody has to have one of these random posts every once in a while right?
Right, Thank you!
Yesterday husband and I were out and about running an errand. On the way home we decided to stop by this lovely Japanese Tea Garden.

I've been there once before when husband and I were still dating and it was so quiet and peaceful. He made me close my eyes, took me there, led me up to the highest point into this gazebo type thing then he told me to open my eyes. (yes, he's romantic like that)
We were overlooking the whole gardens.

One word, gorgeous!
We figured out pretty quickly that Saturday isn't the best day to go there. Lots of other people must think its beautiful too which kind of takes away from the quiet and peaceful but its all good.
I snapped a few pictures just for you guys.

A bunch of cute young couples were there all dressed up and taking prom pictures. That's entertaining.

Maybe you think these pictures are terribly boring but you are free to at least feign interest since I took them especially for you.
I'm sure you can identify with the feeling of seeing something very beautiful and wanting to take pictures to share the beauty, only to realize that pictures simply don't do justice. (especially phone pictures)
Speaking of phone pictures, I have been having entirely too much fun with this new phone app.

My favorite feature is that you can add text & objects to a photo but there are many other cool things too.

And I know you've all seen this but it was just too fun not to share.

Our new car!
Just kidding.
I would hate to drive a car with my picture on the side. Totally ruins it!

So like a couple months ago (aka before husband and I were married) we met this older very interesting man at our fellowship. He only came a few times and then we didn't see him for a long time. Today, to our surprise and joy he came to our fellowship again. After lunch I was talking quite emphatically about some of our sleep habits and different things like about husband having to leave early for work and other little quirks we possess. During a pause in the conversation the older man says "so, I take it you got married right?"
Man, did that crack me up. I mean I wonder what all was going through his mind. He said that he thought we must have, otherwise we wouldn't be talking about it all so comfortably around everyone.
Let's just say, (for the record) we made sure and set things straight with him.
Yes, we are indeed married and I have a license to prove it!

Tomorrow I'll try and show you guys another one of my "fruit of boredom" projects. Let's hope its fruit and not just thorns. Hmm..maybe you should ask husband.

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God bless your week!
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