Friday, May 13, 2011

I Heart Rainy Days

It was one of those most precious and rare Texas rainy days yesterday.

At 10 o'clock it was so dark with heavy rain & clouds the street lights were still on.

It was all cozy and romantic inside our little apartment.

We lit every candle we had and sat on the bed drinking tea.

To hear the rain against the window was music to my ears.
It seriously hasn't rained in forever and this rain was a major answer to prayers.
I wanted to go take a walk in the rain with my pink rubber boots and my umbrella.

Unfortunately I don't actually have pink rubber boots and my umbrella went to work with husband because it was much more needed there.

If I lived somewhere where it rained a lot (not Texas) maybe I would invest in those Juicy Couture pink rubber boots and possibly a cute umbrella like one of these.
Just possibly.

As husband would say, it doesn't hurt to dream.

Speaking of dreaming, isn't this a dreamy photo?

Happy dreaming!
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