Tuesday, July 19, 2011

As Random As Life Itself

Yesterday someone told me that to read my blog is to know who I am.
I guess its pretty true.

Also, am I the only one who doesn't really know what to say when people ask what I enjoy doing?
Everything I enjoy doing sounds kind of lame.
Shopping, blogging, editing pictures, reading blogs.
I like hanging out with friends but that doesn't happen much these days.

I love weekends but they just seem so short.

Sometimes I wish there would have been such a thing as blogs back in the day when my mom was growing up, getting married, and having babies.
I would love to go back and read it.
She kept a diary of sorts but she doesn't like me to read them although I did sneak a read from the day I was born.

I love my husbands sense of humor. Here he is trying on the teeny weenie tie from the suit we bought our little nephew Edward.

Can't wait to see little Edward in his outfit.

My husband wishes I would put more pictures of myself on facebook and my blog instead of so many of him. I think it seems ridiculous to post pictures of myself and it makes me feel kind of dumb when I do.

I made filled cupcakes to take to lunch on Sunday.
White cake with raspberry filling and chocolate with Mocha filling. I was too full yesterday, but I tried some today.
I didn't expect them to be as scrumptious as they were.

There's a car parked in our parking garage that's been there forever! It's parked in a hospital patient parking spot so I can't believe it hasn't gotten towed. The registration is expired and its so dusty its insane.
On the window written in dust it says "owner in trunk".
I laughed so hard! For the owners sake I hope he is dead because he's going to have one heck of a bill to pay.

Husband is home so I'm off to snuggle.
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