Monday, July 25, 2011

Seven Seas

Here I sit at last trying to catch up on blog world.
I have a mini food bulge popping out my mid-section. I just got done making Calzones for dinner.
They were pretty good if I have to say so myself.

We had a wonderful weekend.
Saturday was as wonderfully quiet and relaxing as I hoped.
Sunday was my favorite though. We had a great time with our fellowship and then spent the afternoon visiting with friends and family.

When husband and I got home we decided to watch some ridiculous old black and white movies like Laurel & Hardy and Charlie Chapman.
I know right! They were funny though.

So last week was a pretty busy week. Husband and I were helping out with some extra work that was needing to be done for the company. So we took a two night trip to Brownsville to help catch up on the work there.
My company shirt!!

With my name!!!

It was pretty hard to stay focused for me with us being so close to the beach and everything. Our one store was actually on S. Padre island. I didn't say much about having to keep working but on the inside I was digging in my heels.
We worked most of the time but ended our last day at this beach souvenir shop called Seven Seas where we have a book display.

Of course we had to stay and look around a little.

So many interesting things.
Hermit crabs!

The many different looks my husband tried on.

Hmmm...which one fits him best?

Tiny sand dollars. They were perfect.

And, my favorite idea of all. A coconut purse.

Adorable and much more practical then the coconut bra.

Husband and I are going on another out of state trip this coming Thursday. I'm so excited to tell you where.
Can you guess?

Hope you guys had a super Monday!
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