Wednesday, August 3, 2011

No Fair!

I lied.
The fair pictures are still coming I promise but just not today.

Husband and I spent the afternoon running errands and of course squeezing in some fun things to do since we were out anyway.

We browsed some shops at The Rim and went to La Cantera outdoor mall.
Mostly we went to La Cantera because I begged/suggested we visit Anthropology. I love that store and all the interesting colors and textures that abound.

After shopping we got hungry so we decided to check out the famed Sam's Burger Joint.
Unbelievably huge burgers I tell you!

The coolest part is that they brand Sams on the bun.
At first I freaked out because I thought they wrote it on the bun with a marker.
Nope, actually its toasted onto the bun?

Is that cool or what?
Also the ceiling is covered in license plates from all over the world.

It hurt cranking my head trying to look at them though.

I have to go to work tomorrow and I'm embarrassed to say that I do not at all feel like it. My back has been killing me and I'm not looking forward to throwing boxes around for 7 hrs.

Oh well, I'm sure there are many days when my hard working husband would rather not go to work either. But, he does!

I'm out!
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