Thursday, September 29, 2011

Countess Of Cedar Creek

A countess!! That's what I was for the day. Today was all about counting. Counting books and more books. It's inventory time at the Choice Books warehouse. Not necessarily the most looked forward to event of the year but in my mind not really so all out bad. For example we actually get to spend the day working with some of the amazing people who make this company run smoothly every other day of the year. It's a good experience really. One can be quite entertained if you allow yourself to listen. I wonder sometimes at the randomness of our group and the diversity in personalities. I was also thinking how so many times it's easy to pick out the worst things about the people you work with. I've been around and I hear things....things people say about others and too many times I'm guilty of doing it myself. I have this sick feeling in my stomach when I hear people talk about others in a negative light. (it's easier to see in others you know. bahaha!) It may be true but that doesn't make it nice, or right, or ok. Just saying!
  Here are the lovely people I got to work with today. They are all beautiful people in different ways and I want to celebrate that today.

First off..My sweet husband! Isn't he charming? Isn't he, isn't he?? This makes working so much better when I get to work with this sweetie pie. What I like about the way he relates to work is that he gets his work done but he's not a slave to work. He know's when to take it easy and to enjoy life with me. XOXO Baby!!
The Husband
Bryan, also known as my boss. He manages the warehouse and does it very well. Not just anyone can handle a job with as much pressure as he does. He does his best to listen to everyone's opinions and suggestions about things. Big, big shout out to him for everything he does to make things run smoothly for the service reps!

Maria, my sister in law. Even though Maria doesn't normally work at the warehouse much she always kicks in and helps overtime when we are in a crunch or need extra help with things. She's the sweetest. Oh, wait....that's not even mentioning all she does behind the scenes to take care of the warehouse manager.
Bryan & Maria Wagler
Dad is the manager for our district. He works super duper hard. He's one of those people who always does everything right. You won't find anything my dad does "half done". 

 Mom is everyone's mom really. Everyone loves her. She has this amazing way of making people feel at home and comfortable. She was my best friend growing up and always cheered me up when I was down and discouraged about something.
Dad & Mom
 (that other little guy is my little nephew but don't worry we aren't making him work yet)

 Jason is always making people laugh with his jokes and funny actions. One cool thing about Jason is the way he doesn't let drama get to him. Easy, peasy going all the way. 

Yvonne is the lively outgoing one. Always in the middle of a good conversation and makes people feel comfortable. She's an efficient worker and between me and you we make quite the team when it comes to working together. 

Jason & Yvonne Miller
Joel.  The music lover of the group. He rarely goes anywhere without his guitar and entertains everyone with his music. Also a very willing heavy box lifter. What I heard a lot today: "hey Joel, can you lift this box for me?" Yeah, no need for a gym today Joel. 
Joel Varghese
Aaron. One thing I always notice about Aaron, He's a great Dad. Yes, that may not exactly be work related but that's what I notice. He also has a way of making people laugh. His wife must have an interesting life and I think that's good. 
Aaron Helmuth
Lester makes everybody smile with his high energy and "go get em' " attitude. I like the way he recognizes everybody individually and makes an effort to make people feel important to him.
Lester Graber
Our "dear brother Gaylen" as husband calls him. That's who he is. It always seems that everyone needs Gaylen. There's a simple reason to that...he always knows the answers to everything and he always knows what's going on. How is that even possible?? I don't know but maybe you could ask him.
I'm sad to report that he is leaving us to return to Montana on Saturday. Boo hoo! You will be greatly missed.
Gaylen Wagler
That's all lovlies! Now I'm going to go take a walk in the rain with my husband. 


  1. I kind of missed inventory this year. I always enjoy helping. Great post and yes he is a great Dad and yes I have an interesting life:) I agree with what you said about the rest as well.

  2. Lol love it Laura!!!! You've described everybody Perfectly!!!!! :~)}
    Glad we're done with inventory even with the last pallet comin ineven after we were supposed to be done. And yes Gaylen will be missed. One good thing though, i'll get the the big couch now LOLz