Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Dilemma Of The Day

Dilemma!! How on earth do you clean the outside of your windows when you live in a second story apartment??! Will somebody with experience in this matter please tell me! I can't stand it much longer. My windows, my lovely big windows are getting so filthy and I don't know how to clean them. We attempted to clean them before we moved in like 6 months ago but there are some spots you just can't get leaning from the inside out. Bah- humbug! I've thought about asking the maintenance dude for a ladder but I don't know. I'm afraid he won't let me borrow it. Husband won't let me crawl outside on the ledge which is where my mind would be but hey, it's because he loves me right?!
I'm sure you guys understand how crucial having clean windows is right? I mean dirty windows have the potential to ruin a perfectly romantic evening like this.

Notice streaky windows in background

There, see. It's so important. Somebody help me!!

Today I went for a lovely bike ride and now I'm sitting here waiting for the husband to come home from work. Yippie yay! When he gets here we are going to go to the warehouse and load his truck. Tomorrow is the big inventory day and we're all supposed to be there to help. 

Back to the bike subject. There's one thing I noticed very quickly. Pedestrians respect you more when you're riding a bike then when you're a fellow pedestrian. Actually, come to think of it, are bikers considered pedestrians? Ah, you know what I mean. When walking toward someone I always find myself having to move aside to let the other person by. This might be due to the high percentage of alcohol consumers who's consumption has caused a slow reaction speed. Whatever the case, I find that when riding a bike ,"pedestrians" apparently view you as a danger so they step out of the way. At least if they see you. One elderly tourist couple was unaware of my following them since they were taking up the whole sidewalk. They bantered back and forth and pinched each other on the behind. I had enough of that channel so I cleared my throat loudly and they let me pass. Most of all I just find this little observation interesting. I like that people move when I come through. Just saying. I think I'll be riding my bike a lot more. 

Last weekend there was a lovely jazz concert in the park across the street from our apartment. It was so beautiful I tell you. Husband and I enjoyed some time walking around and seeing the sights and all the people and the many food booths. We got some yummy kabobs and snuck back home where we could enjoy the concert from the comfort of our home. It's not often you can lie on your bed and take in a live concert at the same time. (TV doesn't count silly!!)

A little taste of heaven on a stick :) Indeed!

While walking around we found this super cute romantic spot by the river. I want to go there again soon! 

Here's a little game....guess what these pictures are of.

Husband took these intriguing photos. 

Leave me comments if you feel led. 


  1. Was it an office or apartment building? I know, I'm probably waaay off. Lol!
    Isn't the owners of the building supposed to take care of that? You know, get someone to clean them occasionally. Of course, I've never lived in an apartment, but that's what makes sense to me.

  2. You don't clean second story windows in an apartment. If you feel you have to clean windows fill free to come visit my house ;P

    And the old couple, got to love it. But some things are best left at home, regardless of age.