Thursday, October 13, 2011

My New Cookbook

Greetings and Salutations! Well, I was not expecting to wake up with a sore throat this morning but I did. I thought I was getting better and for the most part I guess I do feel better but now I'm plagued with a sore throat. Hmm....yucky! I spent the morning shopping. Not shopping in the traditional way by actually going somewhere but shopping from the comforts of home with a bad case of bed hair, my ever present cup of tea and my trusty friend Mac.

 I have a new favorite tea in case anyone is interested. It's from HEB so any of you out of state people. So sad, sorry no luck for you. I could send you some if you so desire.

Next week is husbands birthday. I am starting to get excited. He pretends that he isn't excited. I'm not sure if he is or not. He hates birthday parties but last year I threw him a private birthday party with just the two of us. We went on a picnic at a park overlooking downtown Austin. It was very pretty and fun and romantic and he said it was the best birthday party he's ever had. Do you believe that?

Have any of the rest of you found Pinterest to be the new "cookbook". I already used online recipes for the most part but now I find myself having a very handy place to find new recipes, get food ideas and to be able to store them all together in one place. It's sheer brilliance.
Just thought I would share with you some of the recipes I've tried recently. Maybe you will be inspired to go over there and check out Pinterest for yourself. (If you haven't already)

Best Ever Lemon Bar Recipe

Parmesan Crusted Tilapia Recipe
Easy Chicken Salad Recipe

Foil Baked Fish With Black Beans Recipe

Baked Potato Recipe
Secret....if you want a truly sensational potato, sprinkle with garlic powder and a little parsley before baking. I think it makes the potato)
Hawaiian Crock Pot Chicken Recipe
Baked Chicken And Cilantro Taquitos Recipe

Jalapeno Popper Stuffed Chicken Recipe
That should make you hungry. 
There's so much more so come on over and join in the fun. 

Ciao ciao!

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  1. I love pintrest too... most of the time. I found a very yummy cinnamon cake there that was DELISH!!!
    Another favorite place for me check for recipes is
    This is me in the 21st century, clad in my kitchen with my lil, ever present iPod cooking up a storm!
    Hope your feeling betta soon, deary!