Monday, December 26, 2011

Our Holiday

Hello everyone! How are you handling the after Christmas thing?? Husband had to go back to work today so that was a tuffy for me. :( I was supposed to work today but at the last minute I found out I didn't have to. I may or may not have let out a loud whooping holler. Whatever! 
A few pictures before I head out to run some errands with my Mom and little brother.

My mom and Gaylen helped me cut out, bake and assemble these little miniature gingerbread houses to take to our Friday evening Christmas service.
The next day husband helped me decorate them. It was fun. We thought that making cookies together should be a family tradition. :) 

They turned out so cute! IMO...but then since it's my blog I can freely share my opinion all I want. 
This one has Christmas lights in case you couldn't tell. :P
At the Christmas service.

Nothing like candle light at a Christmas service.
We had so much fun. We sang Christmas carols, we laughed, we worshiped, we ate yummy sweets. It was to be remembered. 

The sweet little munchkin Em that I take care of. Ah..her many expressive faces. :)
Husband practicing guitar. Yes, I can watch him all day. :)

My sweet Michael Kors leather gloves Husband got for me. 
Sparkly holiday nails. I do love anything that sparkles as juvenile as that may be.  

Reading the Christmas story with my husband on Christmas eve. 
Presents waiting to be unwrapped. 
Part of my Christmas present. :) 
A leather jacket...
Paige Leather Jacket
..and these matching boots from Zara. Thank you Husband!! He officially gets the trophy for best gift giver in the world. I'm already excited for next Christmas. lol! (I'm kidding)
Zara Ankle Books
Well, I must scurry along. Hope all of you make the best of the last week in 2011. I'm looking forward to come quality time with family and my little nephews.

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  1. Love the little gingerbread houses!
    I would not have been patient enough to make and decorate them all - but there are super darling.