Thursday, December 29, 2011

Presents and Pizza Crust

Hello world from my little apartment. I probably shouldn't be sitting here writing my blog but I can't resist. I can't seem to stay away from you guys very long. My trusty Mac is always sitting here begging me to come and share a little of my world with you. 

I have to say that this vacation is spoiling me entirely. I've only had to work one day this week and will only have to work 2 days next week after which the sweet Em and her family will be going away on vacation for a wk which means more vacation for me. (boy, that was a mouth full) Aaaah! I know it will hit me hard when I have to go back to work on schedule again. 

Yesterday I volunteered to go help my husband at work for the day. Yes indeed,...because I'm such and awesome wife like that. :P Not really. The truth is he's such an awesome husband that I love getting the chance to spend the day with him at work even if there are a few strings attached. Strings like getting up at 4:00am. It was worth is though.

Today I'm still in the PJ's sitting here being lazy. In my defense I did start a batch of laundry and straighten up the house a little. Well, that was before I did a little craft project and wrapped presents for our family Christmas this weekend. Translation.....wrecked the house. Is it just me or does being creative come with a price to pay. I can never seem to create anything without destroying something else. Wrapping presents is kind of my thing. I love it!! I believe that presentation is half of whatever you are doing wether it be food, clothes, or gifts. If it looks good people will like it.
I took the picture in the mirror in case you're wondering why it's backwards. :P

New Year cigar anyone? :P
 Well guys, I'm off.  I have to run up stairs to get my laundry from the dryer. I'm aways amazed with what I find in the stairways. Today I dodged a couple pizza crusts. MMhhmm! People are so weird. Who does that, throw their pizza crust on the stairs?? 

Have a great day everybody!

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