Monday, January 30, 2012

BBQ Texas Style

Happy Monday my friends! How was the weekend?
Ours was super fantastic. I think :)

Saturday husband and I spent the day hanging out with the "little" brother. My boss invited us to come to this ginormous bbq cook off day at Sea World. It was a bbq cook off like nothing you've ever seen and done in the way everything is done in Texas....BIG! It's officially the world's largest bbq contest. Somewhere around 300 teams set up their extravagant bbq pits and smoke away. It was a meat lovers heaven really. My boss was part of team so we got to eat all the meat we wanted and believe we did. We stuffed ourselves with all the brisket, ribs and chicken we could muster. I contemplated sticking some in my bag for later but opted against it since I wasn't sure if I would ever get hungry again. 

I snapped a few pictures around just for you guys. 

My boss and part of his team. 

 And you know they have to be flying the Texas flag everywhere. Proud to be a Texan I suppose. 
Step right up!! Fresh meat. :P 
It wasn't real btw...but it did make everyone stop and stare and take pictures. Including me. I thought it was pretty disgusting. No...we didn't eat at their booth. I ran quickly when they offered me a chicken taco. Um...yeah no thanks! 

Smoking gun pit. Pretty creative and flashy if you ask me.

Hanging around the pit to stay warm. 
A very bad picture of one of the briskets as it was coming off the pit. I totally took pictures of it later when we were eating it and somehow they got lost. 

There was an abundance of big, bad trucks everywhere. 

This was an awesome perfect miniature replica of a trash truck but it was actually a real live pit. Cutifers! Btw....I made Gaylen stand by it just so you could see how small it was. :)

After we were stuffed, slightly wind/sun burned and exhausted from walking we had to drop husbands phone off to be repaired at sprint service & repair. While we waited we amused ourselves at Barnes and Noble, coffee in hand. That's something husband and I both enjoy doing. It's so fun to just go to a book store and browse and search for your favorite artists and read funny books. 
Husband bought me this book because he knows I've been dying to read it and also he knows how important it is to read a book before you watch the movie. I'm so planning on watching this movie when it comes out March 23. I could barely put the book down when I started it and I finished it last night. Now I want to read the sequels. 

For you're convenience here's the trailer to the movie.

Interested yet? Let me know what you think. 

I'm out. Have a blessed day everyone!

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  1. Great! Always love good BBQ! Those are some awesome pits. I would like to borrow some of your pictures, if you took them, of those pits and share them with a FB group i am on. Have a great day, Laura!