Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Have You Noticed?

I've been avoiding my blog. Did you catch that? Probably not. I have been somewhat lacking in the inspiration department. Even the normal Pinterest pick me up hasn't worked. What to do??! What do you guys do when you're in need of serious inspiration? You know, the kind of inspiration that helps you enjoy life to the fullest instead of just drag through?

My mind has been very obsessed with the thought of beaches and oceans and soaking in sun rays. I always tend to rush things but even though the calendar says we're smack in the middle of winter, my mind's already way ahead of all that. I blame it on the amazingly beautiful Texas weather. What can I say?

This past weekend husband and I just vegged at home, tried Irish Pub food, (because I wanted to know what Irish food was) watched a lot of tv and movies and soaked up some good time together. I know that maybe it sounds boring to some of you but when I get the chance to spend time chilling with the husband I will take it. Any day, anywhere.

Have any of you been keeping an eye on Shabby Apple?? I'm kind of excited to see what their Alice in Wonder Land inspired line will all be about. It comes out February first. Good things happen in February you know. Like....Valentines. :P I was excited about it because I had this really perfect idea and then it all got washed down the drain so now I have to rethink everything in order to get excited again. Here are some of the photos that Shabby Apple leaked. Cute huh?

If you ever get bored check out this tv show called "Lie To Me" It's about a Dr who specializes in reading people's facial expressions and body language. They use it to solve crimes and stuff. Super interesting character with an awesome british accent to top it off. 

I've been busy taking care of little Em. I just have one question...does one kids really need this many toys? Also do all the toys have to play music and talk and make obnoxious noise? Lord knows when I have kids they will probably be stuck with Lincoln logs and their imagination. I just think kids should have to stretch their brain a little. I don't really honestly think Em cares about all these toys anyway. She would rather chew on my shoe. **Gross! 

I'm hearing the pitter patter of beautiful rain outside. :) I love rain! Oh, which reminds me that I forgot to bring my umbrella to work. 

Good day everyone!

P.S. If you're friends with me on Facebook then you probably already saw this video. If not then check it out. Living in Texas it's hard for me to believe this is actually happening somewhere out there right now. It gets super bad at the end so stick through it and watch some pretty crazy wrecks. 


  1. You aren't the only one that has been lacking in the inspiration department. I have been feeling the same way and it has really bugged me 'cause I thought I might be the only one around that just felt like everything was "blah".

    Thanks for giving a bit of hope in the drab-ness of the month!

    Love the pics!

  2. Shabby Apple's dresses never cease to make me happy. Lol!

    About children and their toys, I completely agree that I like it when children use their imagination and don't have to rely on batteries and video games to be happy. But then also once you become a parent, there's this part of you that has an uncontrollable urge to give your kids all these stupid, nonsense toys just to see their reaction! You just want to give them everything! But then too, when you think about it, giving them junk is not long-term happiness and maybe you're doing them more harm than good even tho it is fun right then. Lol! :)